Gerhard und Ina Röttger


Gerhard is a pastor and the leader over the BFP’s Northern Bavarian section of the Church Planting Network (Gemeindegründungs-Netzwerk Nordbayern).   Together with Ina, they lead the Go-Network (www.geh-meinden.de).  They are always excited to help individuals discover and develop their calling, and to help send them out in fulfillment of that calling.   Gerhard and Ina have six children.


Mike und Cara Tyler


Mike is a pastor and comes originally from the USA.  He has already helped plant two churches in Germany, and has served with Go25.  As of Summer 2013 he will be a full-time part of the team.   Mike and Cara engage their task with passion - helping individuals in the fulfillment of their call to plant churches.  Mike and Cara have two children.


Eduardo und Elsa Bardol


Eduardo and Elsa are from Argentina, where Eduardo serves as a deacon.  They have a clear calling to work in Germany, and plan to move (along with their three children) to Germany in the near future.  They have great strengths in prayer, and among other tasks, they will support Go25 by caring for the needs of our South American participants.



...plus other training staff and seminar leaders including:
Friedhelm Holthuis
Werner Nachtigall
Dr. Arne Elssen
Hans and Marie-Luise Grassi
Adi Furrer
Mathias Kuhn (Kuno)
and others.........