One goal of your year at the Go-house is that you learn how to build a continually growing and long-lasting ministry. During the year you are here, you will work on an exciting project (among others - Evangelism in Churches, Conferences, Street-projects, at Camps, on the Go-Bus, or projects with a partner church) and clearly learn how to lead someone to Jesus. During the training year we help you learn to integrate valuable tools for church planting and evangelism.


Discipleship - living out of our relationship with Jesus - is our basis for everything. Above all we should focus on deepening that relationship. This is something we place a great emphasis on in our community time and daily activities.


What happens after the year?


During the training-year we'll get to know (through gift-tests, coaching, and through listening to the voice of God) what you are divinely designed for; be it leading a church plant, or other project, or serving as a plant team member. During the year we will work together to define specific church plant teams, and the cities where they'll plant in the future. After you are sent out, you have the opportunity to stay connected with the Go-Network and to utilize supporting works in the area of your plant. For example:

"Go-Silver for Gold" - (see "Sliver for God" on the main page at a fruitful and strong connection between young and experienced leaders

"Go-Family" - to strengthen the marriage and family of our leaders

"Go-Bus" - offers the use of a multi-functional ministry-mobile

"Go-Plant" - networking church plants and church planters with one another


Check out to discover other possibilities.


If after the year, you decide not to be a part of a church plant team, you've still gained multiple strong life-skills. Through the focuses on evangelism, discipleship, and through the practical experiences gained during the year, you will have gained a variety of valuable tools which will greatly enrich and invigorate any existing church or ministry.


The past and the future


Originally, Germany was a huge part of brining the Gospel to the world (ie. through the Moravians).


Though it seems that as time has passed, our country has been used by God less and less. Regardless, we believe the time has come for Germany to be used by God again. Our goal is that new churches be started, and existing churches take on a new dynamic; that both become creative, exciting, inspiring, and moving churches, yet built on a firm foundation.


Our dream is that a movement of God begins through people who passionately carry the love of God throughout our country. It was God who decided that his glory would be carried to the world in the hands of men (Eph. 3:10). The key lies in our readiness to be used by Him to fulfill His plans. The Go-house is a place where people are gathered, taught, and sent out. We believe that the Kingdom of God will be built and lived out through relationships enfolded in his love. That's why we actively choose this fellowship focused lifestyle.