A) Are you between 20 and 30 years old?


Then keep reading! God has given young adults (yourself included) a great calling. Your potential and your style--which God himself has given you--need a place to develop. We want to help you discover them and develop them.

Are you brave? Zealous? Do you have a bit of gusto? As a young adult you have a great asset on your hands: flexibility. You’re not tied into a specific budget or location. And you know that your engagement in the things of God is so important. We want to help you harness your passion in order to bring your dreams and visions into a reality.

Our country needs your potential! Young people are so often ignored or under-utilized when it comes to the work of reaching our country. But our country needs you, and for far more than just short-term actions. There are so many people in Germany who don’t know Jesus. And yet so many churches are only reaching particular groups of people, or particular parts of our cities in particular regions of our country. But we need life-giving churches in every part of this country. That’s why this country needs you!


B) You have a heart for church planting,

but you’re in a different age-bracket?


It’s never too late. We treasure every phase of life and every person who hears the call of God, and we want to help you develop that call. Contact us, and let’s find out if Go25 is right for you, or if somehow you might be able to take part in some of the various modules of Go25.

What happens at Go25?

We are offering one year of theoretical and practical discipleship schooling. You’ll move into a group-home with other Go25 participants and workers. You’ll find a job in the vicinity which will allow you to work at about a 70% capacity. That should give you the income you need to get by, and yet leave you the free time you want to be able to take part in the program. You’ll spend your non-working hours being built-up as a disciple of Christ and as a church planter. There will be concrete projects to take part in, and a partner church connected to the program where you can apply your freshly learned lessons (www.go-church.de). You will discover your abilities and put them right to work. We highly value teamwork, and group-dynamics tools which God uses to show us our places of ministry, and as the safe-ground where we can sharpen our skills in a loving community.
At the end of the year you’ll have the chance to join with some of your fellow program participants to form a team which will move to a new city and begin planting a new church!
What you do need to bring? ...just you! We want to get to know you and find out together if this could be the right place for you.

In the realm of “Go” we also offer a wider support system for the planting, networking, and strengthening of the Body of Christ.

For more, click on: www.geh-meinden.de