Starting in August/September each year, program participants will begin their Go-year by moving to Schwarzenbach am Wald. During this year we'll live together under the principles found the in the Book of Acts, as we walk through the training program.


With that in mind, we're looking for:

People (singles, families, groups) who love Jesus with all their hearts.

people who are ready to be sent out to plant & strengthen churches.

people who long to see the adventure of their calling fulfilled.


The Go-House


The Go-house lies just outside the town of Schwarzenbach am Wald, in the heart of the Frankenwald. Here is where you can live in community with others, enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie, take time to renew yourself in the prayer room, or simply get outside and enjoy nature.


The Go-Center


The Go-Center sits directly in Schwarzenbach am Wald. It is where the seminars, training sessions, worship services, and conferences take place.


The address:

Go25 z.Hd. Gerhard Roettger

Nordstr. 10

95131 Schwarzenbach am Wald