With what?

Alongside the practical discipleship there is an accompanying schooling program. Here are some of the topics we will cover:


Church growth - the fellowship

Postmodern influences on church growth; Ekkls-sia - the fellowship; Go-Church specials; the Kingdom of God; Glimpses of the New Testament church (the people, their structures, the Body, etc.); Discovering new & undiscovered faces of the church.


Discipleship - introduction and application

Born again; Introduction to discipleship; Changing values; Living in Harmony with the Holy Spirit; Life from the Father's heart of God; From drinking from the source to becoming one who pours it out.


Homiletics - How can I preach? / How can I interpret the scriptures?

Fundamentals of Homiletics (Preaching & Teaching), Interpreting and deepening your understanding of the Bible, Preparing a sermon of your own & preaching it!, Better understanding the Word


Church growth - the challenges of leadership

Life Shapes; The Character of a Leader; The Prayer of a Leader; Life-Work-Balance; team leadership; sowing & reaping



Intensive training for Church Planters (5 days)

Check-Up for Church Planters (3 days)

Evangelism (2 days)

Prayer and Worship (2 days)

Enduro special (1 day)

Healing (2 days)


Prophecy today

Living as a Pioneer

Living with discipline; the character of a pioneer; living as pioneer; a life of faith; reports of experiences from church planting teams


Practical Church Growth Principles

the pulse of a church plant; the values of a church plant; models of church planting; conflict resolution / cultivating atmospheres of community in the church; team building


The Basics of Sanctified Relationships

God and I; I and God;

The pillars of healthy marriage and family;

Marital oasis or desert?;

the relevance of the family in our society;

Holy house - Holy service?;